You love your teenager but you feel like you're losing control of your family...and your mind!

Finding the Path: A Novel for Parents of Teenagers

Finding the Path: A Novel for Parents of Teenagers

Expert 1-on-1 coaching from teen expert Dr. Jeff Kaplan

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Parenting teenagers is a tough job, even if you have a "normal" and not a "troubled" teenager living with you. Some of the challenges parents of adolescents face include:

 Rebellious behavior

 Lying or cheating

 School performance problems

 A negative attitude

 Outright disobedience and disrespect

 Sibling rivalry

 Drug and alcohol use/abuse

 Attachment to unsavory friends/peer group, not family

 Run-ins with the police

 Adolescent depression

 Drinking and driving

 Teen pregnancy and/or unsafe sexual behaviors

Just because teenagers are SUPPOSED to rebel doesn't make it any easier to live through the turmoil. That's why we're here to show you how to reduce family stress and make the years you spend parenting teenagers some of the best of your life.

I am Dr. Jeff Kaplan, a psychologist specializing in adolescent psychology with almost 20 years of clinical experience helping thousands of families find their way out of crisis. I am also an experienced life and parenting coach, with clients in every corner of the United States.

And I am Abby Lederman, a certified parenting instructor who earned my " Supermom " moniker by successfully parenting three sometimes-difficult teenagers to young adulthood.

Together, we have teamed up to bring you the best book about parenting teenagers you'll find on the Internet, as the testimonials from our readers show.  Find some at http://www.parentingteenstoday.com/testim.htm.

What do we recommend? Before we tell you, let's first
talk about you. Of course you love your teenagers, but those once compliant kids sure aren't making it easy for you, are they?

Even if you've tried all the parenting advice and strategies you learned when your teenager was young, they are probably ineffective now--or are making things worse. Are you just going to sit there and hope the problems will eventually disappear? That your troubled teenager will suddenly decide to cooperate with no effort on your part?

By reading our new book, Finding the Path: A Novel for Parents of Teenagers , you can easily learn the 52 secrets to raising happy, cooperative teens...and immediately start building a new relationship with your son or daughter that will last a lifetime.


You love your teen or you wouldn't be visiting this website. Go to www.loveateenday.com and find out how you can celebrate the courage, creativity, compassion and connectedness of today's teens on national Love-a-Teen Day, Tuesday, April 20, 2005.

In Our Book You will Discover:

 Why punishment doesn't work and what works instead

 How to talk to your teen about lying or cheating

 How to motivate your adolescent to do better in school

 What to do when your teenager refuses to follow your rules

 How to gain your teenager's respect and cooperation

 How to reduce stress and live more peacefully as a family

 How to rebuild your relationship with your adolescent

 Attachment to unsavory friends/peer group, not family

 When to seek help for adolescent depression

 When to seek help for parent depression

Who is really causing the problems in your family?
It may not be your teenager!
Surprised? 'Supermom' Abby Lederman was. This is her story.

"Seven years ago, I was living a nightmare, blaming my three teenagers, all of whom had been diagnosed with AD/HD and other assorted disorders, for the mess my family was in.  The whole family was stressed out and at the breaking point. It was only when I

discovered Dr. Jeff Kaplan's principles of "love-based parenting" and incorporated them into my personal life that my family life began to improve.

"Instead of blaming my teenagers for the over-the-top stress level in our home, I began exploring my own highly emotional reactions to their crises. For the first time, I saw in my 14-year-old twins' struggles some of the issues that had plagued me since I was an adolescent. By handling my emotions better and responding to parenting challenges in a new, more positive way, I watched my son and daughter blossom into cooperative, wise and loving adolescents--in less than six months!

"If I, using the principles that you are about to discover, could transform a home filled with discord into a place where a family of loving, honest, respectful individuals lived, you can, too! I was so impressed with the changes in my family using the strategies you will learn in our book that I insisted that Jeff team up with me to spread the word about love-based parenting to as many other parents of teenagers as possible. The results of our collaboration are here on this website waiting for you."


Here's the Best Part...

You won’t learn parenting strategies here from a preachy how-to book but by enjoying a fun-to-read novel. There is nothing else on the market like it for advice on parenting teenagers. Imagine sitting down to read a novel and in four or five hours having a new perspective on parenting your teenagers. It’s that easy! You don’t have to believe us when we tell you this book is life-transforming. Read what other parents of teenagers have to say about our little book with the big heart.

“Thank you doesn’t convey how very much I appreciate this book…a huge gift to those of us struggling so valiantly to stay connected to our teenagers.”
(Nancy Quatrano, teacher and mother)

“I recommend Finding the Path to anyone raising children or involved with them. It’s like a portable parent support group.”
(Rona Dockhorn, Friends Journal reviewer and mother)

“When I want to resign my position as a mother or fire my kid, the idea of love-based parenting keeps going through my mind, and I remember how much I love my son.”
(Maria Flores, single mother)

“Thanks to the excellent counsel and support of Dr. Kaplan and Abby Lederman, I am finding a new way to parent my son and miracles are happening.”
(Brenda Lex, single mother)


Each parent/teen relationship is different, of course, but the examples in "Finding the Path" were carefully chosen to illustrate an effective approach to parenting teenagers based on Dr. Jeff Kaplan’s 20 years of experience as an adolescent psychologist, mental health counselor and professional life coach for parents.

Below he speaks about how he came to be an expert on adolescent psychology and parenting.

"I began working with parents and teens in 1984, when I was still in college. Since then, I have seen literally thousands of teenagers in dozens of different settings-private, parochial and public schools; day and residential programs; emergency shelters; hospitals; detention centers and private homes.

"I have worked with all kinds of teenagers—from very rebellious and delinquent to very agreeable and pleasant—some with learning differences, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, social difficulties, depression and/or behavior problems.

"Early on in my career I discovered that if the teenagers I counseled were struggling, then most often so were their parents. I also learned that one of the best ways I could help the teenager (who I typically saw only once a week) was to empower the parents with the parenting skills, insight and support THEY needed.

"That’s how I run my practice—involving the whole family—and that’s what the examples in "Finding the Path" illustrate.  A happy resolution to family problems involves everyone, and sometimes the best place to start the change process is with the adults in the relationship. That’s why I’ve spent so much time developing the 52 tenets of Love-Based Parenting that appear in our book."

Dr. Kaplan has three graduate degrees in Psychology, including a Ph.D. from Temple University and a Masters from both Temple and Boston College. He is a licensed psychologist with a full-time therapy practice in Philadelphia and is a certified parent coach as well as a licensed therapeutic hypnotist. For more information about Dr. Kaplan go to his website at: www.manageteens.com.


Other professionals praise Dr. Kaplan's work and his new book:

"As a high school counselor and professional associate of Jeff’s for almost 10 years now, I’ve been lucky enough to have him personally weave himself in and out of my life as a touchstone, not unlike the character in Finding the Path. Everyone should be so lucky, and with this book everyone can. Finding the Path resonates with my experience and can give anyone insight into the lives of adolescents and their families.”
(Joe Havlick, Ph.D., ABD, High School Counselor)

“This remarkable fictionalized book is steeped in sound theory and good sense. Dr. Kaplan’s love-based parenting model shows how the use of spirituality and clinical practice combine to transform individuals into functional families. The book offers insight and understanding so that the path to change is navigable. It reiterates the adage that not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed till it is faced. I am making Finding the Path mandatory reading for my interns.”
( Dr. Ken Hopkins, Licensed Psychologist)


How Much will this Life Changing Book Cost Me?

At any time during your visit to our site, you can download the E-book Version of FINDING THE PATH for only $14.95.

We are practically giving our book away. Why? Because we are on a mission to help you (and millions of other parents just like you) relearn how to love and care for yourselves and your teenage children, just like Abby did. We want to spread the word about love-based parenting—parenting that is grounded emotionally and spiritually. We want nothing less than to create a more pleasant and peaceful world, one family at a time.



It is my life passion and mission to help end unnecessary suffering and bring peace to parents and teenagers.

It brings great joy and meaning to my life to empower parents with the knowledge, skills and insights that I have gained in almost 20 years of working with adolescents and their families.

Start improving your parenting skills immediately with the interactive e-book version of Finding the Path for $14.95

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The whole process happens almost instantly. You’ll be reading your book in 10 minutes or less!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Finding the Path: A Novel for Parents of Teenagers comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Read the book cover-to-cover and try the strategies risk free.

If you don’t find this book helpful in any way, we will gladly refund your money. We are making this offer to you because we are confident that you will appreciate what our book has to offer and that its value far exceeds its price.

Click on the book to buy the interactive e-Book edition of Finding the Path immediately. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be e-mailed download instructions. Remember, our offer to you is completely risk free.

Still not convinced that making this small investment will improve your relationship with your teen? Read what the media is saying about this book!

Independent Publisher Online
November 2002 Highlighted Title

"Finding the Path is more than an interesting, uplifting novel, more than a text on surviving your child's adolescence: it is a spiritual experience."

November Featured Title

“'When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?'

This is the big question put to Anna by an enigmatic figure named Hawk who she meets in the woods on a walk early one morning. Anna, a struggling single mother of a unruly teenage son, simply doesn’t know. Life has been throwing her some curves lately as her teenager, Nick, seems to enjoy putting her through all kinds of grief both at home and at school. Anna attempts to deal with Nick’s overly dramatic behavior often backfire, leaving them both feeling unappreciated and misunderstood.

Sound familiar? If so, then you will enjoy reading Finding the Path, a “novel” attempt to teach positive coping strategies to parents of teens via the device of a fictional family and their clashes . Psychologist Jeffrey Kaplan and freelance journalist Abby Lederman use their respective talents to spin a tale that seems so real you’ll swear you’ve met Anna at a PTA meeting and your teenage daughter has dated Nick..."

We would like to thank you for visiting our website today. By helping yourself you are helping us realize our dream of a more peaceful world, one loving family at a time.


In joy and anticipation of good things to come,

Dr. Jeff Kaplan

Abby Lederman

P.S. We also have high-quality trade paperback copies of Finding the Path available for those who prefer to read their books the old-fashioned way. With a $5 shipping charge (plus $2 for each additional book in the order), the print version costs $19.95.

P.P.S. Are you looking for ways to enhance your parenting experience with younger children as well as teens? Go to www.loveandlogic.com for tapes, books and classes that are compatible with the love-based parenting approach to raising teenagers. We have also begun to archive articles from other experts on specific topics including parenting teens with oppositional defiant disorder, ADD and related learning disorders. Check out our Resources Page by CLICKING HERE.


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